Adlai Stevenson High School

Lincolnshire, IL

Student amenities for this existing facility are enhanced through the creation and expansion of informal and formal gathering spaces, tying the campus together in a cohesive manner. A new addition and the remodeling of existing interior and exterior spaces improves circulation and provides a unifying visual vocabulary.

Outdoor classrooms are in clearly defined zones, supporting learning, gathering and outdoor dining. Site redevelopment addresses current student behavioral patterns and provides a direct and safe path of travel between three building entrances.

The Digital Information Learning Center (DILC) is a centralized hub envisioned to address student needs for study, interaction and technical support, while enhancing the connection between the two sides of campus. Spaces are organized as “oases” enabling flexibility of circulation and activities around tech support, offices, classrooms and quiet and collaborative study areas.

An expanded sports lobby creates one contiguous “Hall of Fame” connecting the competition Gym, the DILC and exterior spaces. At the lower level, the faculty dining room has been reconceived as one large meeting room that can be subdivided into three spaces to accommodate student activities. The new corridor, equipped with a work surface, links the space to both ends of the sports lobby and further improves internal circulation from one end of the building to the other.

Competition, 2014
Project Area
Interior: 44,500 square feet
Exterior: 92,000 square feet
Terry Guen Design Associates, Landscape; KJWW Engineering Consultants, MEP, Structural, and AV/IT