CPS Summer Critical Projects

Chicago, IL

bKL completed three fast-track projects that were critical to ensuring welcoming environments for Chicago Public Schools students upon the start of the school year. All three projects had the same schedules, with design and construction occurring within a limited time frame of 10 total weeks.

A variety of interior and exterior renovations were provided for Leif Ericson, Oscar DePriest, and Kellman Corporate Community elementary schools. These included classroom, auditorium, library, dining, corridor and toilet room renovations, as well as the remodeling of exterior entrance access routes.

In addition to aesthetic improvements, provisions were made for air conditioning and wireless access points in compliance with the CPS mission to enhance technology and provide climate controlled learning environments.

Melvin Cohen and Associates, MEP for all 3 schools; MFH Associates, Structural for DePriest and Ericson
F.H. Paschen
Darris Lee Harris