West Lafayette Student Housing Project

West Lafayette, IN

This 208-unit student housing mixed-use project is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The five-story building is comprised of a retail and parking base with residential levels above. The design of the building highlights the connectivity between the surrounding Purdue University and the community.

The southwest corner of the building is adjacent to a connective street of Purdue University’s campus, while the northeast corner is located within a residential neighborhood in West Lafayette. The building’s massing steps down from five-story units on the southwest side to three and four-story town home units on the northeast side.

On the ground level, retail space is set back to provide a more gracious pedestrian experience and a visual distinction between the residential and commercial functions. There are two spacious courtyards located in the middle of the residential units to provide garden visibility from the interior of the residential units.

The exterior façade is faceted to provide texture and human scale to the building while responding to the adjacent context. The facade combines modern aesthetics, utilizing metal paneling, glass and brick masonry throughout the design.

Glass, metal paneling, brick masonry