Grace Ames has leveraged her experience in environmental design and BIM technology to become an expert in LEED certification, creative prototyping and high-rise building design and construction. Over the course of her career, she has worked on a range of building types, shepherding the LEED process and supplementing design programs.

Grace is an expert at coordinating the design, architectural, engineering, LEED, and construction teams on mixed-use projects. She has a keen ability to marry the built environment with its community, specializing in the relationship between public and private spaces. Her projects include Aqua Radisson Blu in Chicago and Cook Park Memorial Library.

In addition to practicing architecture, Grace dedicates time to cultivating the next generation of architects, mentoring students from her alma maters and providing opportunities for shadowing and observation.

Grace earned her bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design at Ball State University and a master’s of Urban Design from the University of Michigan. Grace is a licensed architect in Illinois.