build (bild)-verb:
to assemble, to construct, to mold,
to shape, to form…
to create.

At bKL Architecture, we are committed to designing projects that only enhance the contexts in which we build, responding to the needs of clients, users and surrounding communities, while anticipating future uses and desires.

Founded by Thomas Kerwin in 2010 with the support of James Loewenberg, bKL is a team of passionate designers and practitioners with expertise in a variety of markets and project types. We design sophisticated, inspiring spaces and structures that are timeless yet forward-thinking.

bKL Architecture’s open studio environment encourages a spirited exchange of ideas. Our culturally diverse team brings together a broad range of skills, experiences and backgrounds to create a vibrant atmosphere and design process. At the center of our process is a focus on in-depth analysis, intensive experimentation and collaboration. Our team designs projects that only enrich sites and cities around the world in which we build.

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Adam Mansour

Anna Jia

Annie Farley

Arturo Villalpando

Blanca Trueba

Chris Bonarrigo

Concha Mora

Daniela Sesma

Darya Stefanovic

Edgar Del Toro

Eric Schmiesing

Gabriel Alvarez

Jane Kindra

Kevan DeGryse

Kevin Kosciulek

Lauren Peterson

Lina Ditchev

Loreta Bulvanaite

Luis Yanez

Marius Dickmann

Marta Vilaseca

Michael Stork

Minjung Ku

Nicole Arbuckle

Olivia Kempf

Philip Shin

Rachel Tobe

Ramona Valeanu

Veronika Bakalova

Vu Tran Huy Phi

Will Erickson

Xiaopeng Dai

Yvonne Swiergula