Crow Holdings Industrial

Chicago, IL

Crow Holdings Industrial was looking to lease an office space within the Fulton Market neighborhood. Once they selected a suite at 318 N Carpenter, they enlisted bKL Interiors to deliver the interior design. Since the building was recently completed, their space was a raw shell. bKL was tasked with creating a professional, activity-based office environment while respecting the industrial feel of the Fulton Market neighborhood.

Crow emphasized having a prominent social area, clubroom concept used to host clients and guests. To achieve their desires, bKL programmed the open area to include a pool table, lounge, and breakroom to allow ample space for collaboration, relaxation, and more. Additionally, bKL implemented four generously sized private offices along the office perimeter to support focus work. Bold design elements, modern furnishings, and navy accents consistent with Crow’s brand completed the overall design.

For privacy and space division, bKL designed a feature wall finished in a metallic paint. One side of the wall serves as a focal point for Crow’s signage and guest seating, while the other side serves as a home for their vintage juke box.

Project Area