Gale Math and Science Academy

Chicago, IL

bKL facilitated fast track summer renovations for the Stephen F. Gale Math and Science Academy’s two building campus serving 370 students in PK-8th grades.

Renovations to the Main Building, originally built in 1922, included remodeling of the building’s 4 main entrances to provide ADA accessible approaches, replace doors and modify vestibules. Extensive parapet reconstruction and roofing repairs were also completed across 29,000 s.f of the building’s roofs.

Gale’s Annex, originally built in 1997, required a full replacement of 13,000 s.f. of roofing across the building’s two roof levels. As increased insulation was necessary to meet the current energy code, bKL collaborated with structural and mechanical engineers to address new loading requirements and existing roof top equipment. Modifications to chiller support bracing, masonry walls and parapets were made to improve flashing and joint details.