Goddess and the Baker & Eggy’s Diner

Chicago, IL

Located in the heart of the River North’s historic gallery district, bKL Interiors was tasked with designing a single retail space for two local retail brands/(tenants), Eggy’s Diner and Goddess and the Baker. Adjacent to the bKL designed Exhibit apartment building, the team had a vision to create a space that felt fresh, inviting, would function for both brands and appeal to the demographic of the River North neighborhood.

Goddess occupies the first floor with Eggy’s Diner stacked above on the second floor. The two brands share an existing kitchen on the second floor. For the entire space to flow, it was important to activate the stairwell that serves as a transition up to the second floor. bKL Interiors commissioned a local artist to create a mural which draws guests up the steps to the diner.

bKL Interiors successfully implemented the existing design and furniture standards for the Goddess and Baker brand. The team worked closely with Goddess to program the first level space and provide ample seating for customers while also allowing space for ordering, queues, and to-go orders.

Upstairs in the Diner, bKL designed a custom metal screening element above the banquette seating to visually screen customers from the kitchen and service areas. This feature is striking and functions to allow guests added privacy.

In addition to the interiors, furniture was specified for the outdoor space overlooking the park just west of the building. The interior space seamlessly transitions outdoors with large, sliding glass panels for an inviting indoor-outdoor connection—creating a space for guests to enjoy during the warmer months.

Completed 2021
Project Area
3,886 square feet
Interface Engineering, MEP/FP Engineers; Olympic Restaurant Equipment, Food Service Consultant
JackLee Construction Services
Polished concrete floors, custom metal screen elements, custom banquette seating with upholstered cushion, walnut and solid surface countertops, decorative concrete masonry block, accent wallcoverings and decorative mosaic tiles
IIDA RED Award - Best of Retail 2022
Andrew Bruah