Liberty Tower Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Liberty Tower is embedded in a site of Polish industrial heritage. The 42-story mixed-use development consists of residential, commercial, hotel and amenity spaces. The building’s many amenities include a fitness center, entertainment room, amenity deck, business center and rooftop restaurant. The design of the tower is intended to sustain the historic awareness and scale of the surrounding area.

Through a series of interlocking volumes, the massing provides each program with individual character while the facade and materiality translate into the building’s cohesive exterior. A careful composition of perforated metal treatment is used to manifest a masonry texture while providing a sense of light and interaction to the tower’s design.

The street wall rises 180’ and then begins a series of gradual tiers and setbacks. The hotel is sited on a linear street front that spans over an atrium court and is paneled by retail and commercial space. The second and third tiers include 446 residential units concentrated around communal amenities.

Liberty Tower’s design aesthetic reflects bKL’s pursuits of a contemporary, modern interpretation of the historic industrial influence. The top of the building provides a sense of verticality to the tower as the expressed setbacks present visual interest within the urban skyline context.

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