TCL Headquarters Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China

Located in Shenzhen, China, this building will serve as the new Headquarters for the TCL Advanced Semiconductor Display Industry. Shenzhen is a network of overlayed systems existing within nature. The design of the headquarters is an ode to the building’s use, acting as a semiconductor between progress, technology, and nature. The building reinforces linkages between the urban framework and the natural context, acting as a controller between these forces as an expression of harmony, health, and wellness.

The impression of the building on the site is minimal and light, allowing for the integration of nature and the human scale to be the foundation. Conceived as a building focused on interaction and integration, the primary massing is lifted from the ground. The activity and flow of the site are unobstructed and engaging. The Tower plugs into the site like a semiconductor, receiving flow and energy of people and mixing it with nature. The site is organized by the cross-flow of people moving from the urban context to the central park. The central passage is flanked by an entry plaza on each side and provides the main connection to the additional Retail Levels. The perimeter of the site is lined by a series of interactive gardens that provide the foundation of nature within the building. The primary building entry is engaging and focuses on the expression of art and culture. Shrouded by an expressive display, escalators take the building users up to a raised lobby that is situated among the rooftop gardens above the podium.

Project Area
527,430 square feet