Ghislaine Garcia


Ghislaine believes in creating meaningful spaces that inspire the next generation through attention to detail, functionality, and innovation. Her love of design was greatly influenced as a child. She would travel to Mexico every other year and experience how design typologies and materials differed based on cultural and regional perspectives of the built environment. Ghislaine’s portfolio showcases a broad range of project type experience including residential and commercial renovations, commercial lobby design, single family residential interior renovations, healthcare spaces, and a special focus on the design of mixed-use residential buildings in Chicago and nationally. She acts as a valuable team asset during all major phases of design. Ghislaine is passionate about the use of sustainable materials and practices within the design and construction industry and advocates to incorporate them whenever possible.

Ghislaine earned a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati. Additionally, she is actively pursuing licensure. Ghislaine participates as a mentor for the Chicago ACE Mentor Program, encouraging high school students to explore opportunities within the world of architecture, construction, and engineering.